You play as an alien explorer species who are trying to find a new home after the devastation of their planet.

The aim is to maneuver an alien rocket ship by rotating and thrusting, as it flies through 3-D obstacles.

My very first unity game and it is still in development, so it May Contain Bugs.


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Good luck with this game going forward, you have spent time placing diegetic noise in the game what is good.   The game works, that is important when you are first starting out!

Some notes:

The font for the story at the start is very hard to read. Hitting it up with an "outline" and a simple background will make it much better. But I would change the font completely. 

The trail seems all over the place, if you are dropping and boost the trail will shoot out in an odd way.

You have invisible walls, but they are placed in a way where im not sure if I can or can't go that way, if your going to have random floating platforms anyway I dont want to have an "unfair" death because of them. 

Im also not really "buying" the story. You are going to a new world, but the log cabins and the objects that are in your way seem to be at odds with it.  The world around the ship, like the flowers, makes it look like a toy rather then really space craft. I honestly think if you just replace these with spacey time elements, rocks alien tech and the like, the game would sell its world much better. 

Thanks for the input the game is pretty much done but I guess it wouldn't be a problem to change the story to make sense as It wouldn't affect the game play. Since it is my first game I didn't pay much attention to that. 

I will also take a look at those walls and trail effect. :)