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Flashlight system improved - Flashlight ran out too quickly before, now it has a longer battery life

UI Bug Fixed - There was a bug causing the subtitles to overlap

Lighting improved - Level was too dark to navigate at times 

Added more battery pickups

Added more jump scares

One night you wake up and discover that your family has disappeared along with the entire population of the town you live in.

As you search for your kids, you experience supernatural events all around you.

Explore and find clues as to what happened.


Move - WASD

Jump - Spacebar

Toggle Flashlight - F

Sprint - Shift


Turn off your flashlight to save power.

This is my very first horror game so I would appreciate some feedback


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This was a cool start to a game! 


The game has great potential, the big map is nice and the setting is dark and scary.  I found the key for the gate but the door never opened, it appeared as marked at the right top corner but I couldn't leave, so I couldn't really go out to look for my family. Did I do something wrong? 

Here is my gameplay. Thank you for subscribing, Im just starting my channel and appreciate if you help :)

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like every one else here i love the level design, its turn of the century 1900 england style and very visually beatifull. i encountered a few issue and will upload my videos to youtube shortly as the game is very easy to break and that is what stopped me from finishing the game. very early on we can leap out of bounds with dmg to the character hence we get to explore th vast expance of the out of bounds. some invisable walls  could assist you in keeping us in the game. there are meny locations easly accessed fromt he normal path that lead us to clipping errors and can trap us inside buildings. 

i could not find the third key and the glitches of the last house i whent in kinda lost it for me. 

any how links to follow

love the concept the jump scares are nice just needs a few more story elements to edge us forward.

Aw I can't get this one to work for mac :( looks great though! 


I got lost.

Thanks for the video I will try to make the level more linear for the full version.

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I agree with other commenters here, it looks good.. especially when you get outdoors, the lighting is great and that may have something to do with the FPS issue.. my 1080ti with 11gb of vram was struggling with it at times.. very choppy... there's no settings, I'd love to disable the looping music. I almost always turn music off in a game.

The story seemed quite linear even though you could go anywhere pretty much.. Just leave doors open and you'll know where you've been.. so that made it very easy.  Maybe have the doors shut automatically to make it a little bit more challenging.

The jump scares weren't very scary.. 

I think there's a ton of potential though.. visually it's great! the moonlight is fantastic.. the shadows might be over done.. 

The framerate thing is the biggest annoyance though, I almost skipped playing it because of that.. the fans on my GPU started sounding like jet engines.

Oh, and honestly I didn't even know the flashlight had a limit.. I kept it on the whole time, I didn't see a power level and if I was picking up batteries, I wasn't aware of it.


First off, 10/10 for the level design. It is fantastic. The game could use a bit of optimization and more creative ways to scare the player but overall its a beautiful game with great atmosphere.


Thank you I will do my best to optimize it. :)


other than the fps optimization, the game was surprisingly fun and scary to play, props on making a good indie horror game, hope to see the game developed more.

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Thanks :)


This game really took me by surprise with its huge city and vast scenery! With a bit of polish this could really be great! It is the 2nd game in the video starting at 10:52

! Keep up the amazing work! 

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Thank you I will try to optimize it better :)

seriously though...super impressed! I love the scale the town and the creepy factor is there as well! The only other thing i can think of in constructive criticism would be just how bright the flash light is on the environment. Other than that i am really looking forward to seeing what happened to the kids and the town! Keep up the good work!   


Hope you enjoy my gameplay I was confused at the end did I find my kids?

Since the game is currently in demo mode I don’t finish the story but yes you will eventually be able to find them :) thanks for the gameplay


Dowmloading to play. Looks good. Just one question: when is the cliche of batteries dying after 3 minutes going to end in horror games? Realistically, batteries last for hours, maybe days! 

Hi, I updated the flashlight system, is it still running out too fast? I made it brighter and have a longer battery life


short and good

Thank you!


hello darkness my old friend... wish you added a flashlight that could actually light things up

I’ll try to optimize it better but you should turn it off during the outdoor parts to save power. Thanks for the feedback :)

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yea i know what you are going for buuuuut too dark :)

well the outdoor parts, indoor is ok, except it runs low so fast. Ah well ignore me, ive never been a big fan of broken flashlights running out of batteries in seconds.


Game is great but need optimization, so much frames drop at some points to that must be fixed.


Good game demo, I look forward to seeing the rest.  You should put this on the indiexpo.net site too.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer


Amazing game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay