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One night you wake up and discover that your family has disappeared along with the entire population of the town you live in.

As you search for your kids, you experience supernatural events all around you.

Explore and find clues as to what happened.


Move - WASD

Jump - Spacebar

Toggle Lantern - F

Oprn Door/Pick Up - E

Sprint - Shift

This is my very first horror game so I would appreciate the feedback.


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Nice game. Loved the atmosphere.

I really loved the world you created, well done.

This game was really neat! I can say that I enjoyed the jumpscares (even though there could have been different types of jumpscares). My heart didn't jump out and slap me, but it did try breaking out of my chest. I loved how I had to search for the key just to leave each area, but it became a bit redundant after a while. Maybe add in an escape through a sewer system (some medieval kingdoms had some type of sewer systems like the romans)...anyways. It would also be neat to add in minions of the witch chasing me as I try to put the artifact in its place.

Overall, very good work on the artistic set up. Atmosphere was great, scare level is enough to make kids quit early in game (sorry, but if I were a kid again, I would have turned it off with the first jumpscare and probably slept with my parents) lol. Keep it up and hopefully we get to see more!

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How could the whole village up and desert me haha For being your first horror game, I think it was really good. The medieval setting was a nice choice and really stunning when you first enter the game. I wish there was more to the witch, rather than just popping out at ya. Maybe have her roam around the village while the player tries to avoid her.

Great work! 

The game looks really good and I tapped because it suggests its for all platforms available to itch.io however there is no apk like it suggests

Can't find the apk Sir?

The game was ok, though some areas could use a bit more polish. The witch though, I wish it had a bit more presence instead of being a jumpscare mechanic. Maybe have it kinda follow your or something, I'm not sure. But the story is fairly sound.

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Hi there!

I love the atmosphere of this game! It really scared the shit out of me hahahah. I'm sorry I talk to you here, but I don't know other way to reach you (I'm kinda new in itch.io).

The thing is that I'm a soundtrack composer and I'm looking for some videogame creators who need music for their games. I'm starting out in the world of videogame music so I would do it for free if I'm interested in the project. If you wanna see some of my works or contact me you can go to this webpage ---> www.alvarobasanta.com

Thank you, and thanks for your game!

so heard you complete the game so i had to check the game out again, it is optimized really well and smooth.. good job on that seriously! :D

Here's my second time playing XD


Thank you!

Already played this game, is it full and optimized version?

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Yes it the the full and optimized version.I believe that is the old version that you posted. If it needs to be optimized more let me know!:) 

Okay Lets see.

Awesome game dev had so much fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks for the video but this is the old version of the game :)